Bernese Mountain Dog – Cinnamon

Bernese Mountain Dog – Cinnamon

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Corrizza – is our sweet long wanted precious Bernese Mountain Dog gem we’ve been waiting for so so long. She is an excellent example of a special selection and result of many years hard work. Lovely baby bear and absolutely most delicious kissable nose! Our present proud now and ever.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Birth date 04 Aug 2019.







TRI, HD AB/ED 00, DM Exon 1 N/N, exon 2 N/M

07.Dec.2019 – Ukraine, Kyiv, FCI CACIB. “Kiyvs’ka Rus”

Judge: Lejla Alic (B&H)

Title: Very Promising, Best Baby of breed. nom.Best.

08.Dec.2019 – Ukraine, Kyiv, FCI CACIB.

Judge: Umit Ozkanal (Turkey)

Title: Very Promising, Best Baby of breed. nom.Best.

08.Aug.2020 – Ukraine, Mykolayiv, FCI CACIB.

Judge: Shiyan Vladimir (Ukraine)

Title: Excellent, Junior CAC.

09.Aug.2020 – Ukraine, Mykolayiv, FCI CACIB.

Judge: Karpov P. (Ukraine)

Title: Excellent, Junior CAC.

19.Sep.2020 – Ukraine, Kherson, CAC-UA.

Judge: Manzenko V. (Ukraine)

Title: Excellent, Junior CAC, BOB.

03.Oct.2020 – Ukraine, Kherson, CAC-UA.

Judge: Slukin S. (Ukraine)

Title: Excellent.

04.Oct.2020 – Ukraine, Kherson, FCI-CACIB.

Judge: Chueva E. (Ukraine)

Title: Excellent, Junior CAC, BOS.

18.Sep.2021 – Ukraine, Kherson, CAC-UA.

Judge: Buslav E. (Ukraine)

Title: Excellent, CAC, BOB.

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