StormGuard kennel

StormGuard kennel

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Thank you for your interest with us! Professional work with our three breeds is our family true passion. We love what we do and proud of our top quality dogs. We began our work with dogs since 2002. For most of the time we live and work in our big out-city house in ecologically clear environment, between the river and forest, in the South of Ukraine. We love to trip with our dogs, participate in many kind of dog shows in our country and Europe. We’ve got many of our own champions living by our side here, but for us they are all our babies. We experience the full lifespan of our dogs for generations, having our oldest dogs with us still. We never keep any dogs in cages and respect and work precisely according our FCI club rules. We never do ANY cross-breeding and have NOTHING with puppy mills. Special attention is being paid to our babies’ health, tests and their mental condition/socializing. Many of our previous clients from all around the World can approve that our blood lines are an excellent example of professional breeding work. If you didn’t find the proper information that might interest you about us, please write us.

Alex, Katherine and Miroslava (starring dogs: Mishka and Blackberry)

Our new house, the one we’ve moved to (with more land for everyone) is relatively young and we haven’t completed all wanted redecorations yet but still.. For the past few years we live here we’ve done so many good things to establish some real comfortable living conditions. That’s how everything looks in Summer.

ย ย ย 

We play outside with our dogs in a good weather, so they just come home only for feeding and sleep. They’re all our babies and we try as much as possible to give them everything they require for healthy and happy life. That’s how our dogs play outside when it’s warm.

Our Corgis live with us in our own house, Dalmatians have their own comfortable and warm house with a big bedroom, kitchen and shower. Berners doesn’t like to stay inside any of buildings, the’re feeling hot inside. So they play freely outside all day long and only come to their shed when it rains or heavy cold snow.

Corgi’s ‘hard life’ ๐Ÿ™‚

Dalmatian house

ย ย 

Berners on guard

Sometimes we have casual guests. Dogs always love them and are happy all the time to meet them and ‘extort’ some food ‘for the needy ones’ ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s how our shower days are done.

That’s how we celebrate our dogs Birthdays ๐Ÿ™‚

In Spring, Summer and Autumn we’re going to the local big lake not very far from us.

Almost all year round, except when it’s very hot, we love to go to our local magical forest. It’s 10 min away from us.

ย ย 

Oh yes, even living in the South of Ukraine we do have snow sometimes and we don’t miss some happy moments too. We love it ๐Ÿ™‚

Our rations are mixed. We feed our dogs with dried super-premium dog food and in separate feeding with wet food. Meats, fruits and veggies, eggs, rice etc. Living in such a great area helps us to have all natural local organic foods. Our dogs always love to gather an apples, grapes and other berries from our garden too.. without any permission of course ๐Ÿ™‚

We have a special room for the new born babies in our house. So puppies live here. Also outside we have a Summer puppy house where they can stay when its very hot outside with plenty of shadows. Vital communication with an adult dogs and learning from them is very important for the future great dogs. So the babies love the whole process. They love to play on grass, play their crazy puppy games, eat bugs… etc))

All babies born in our house are socialized well, we hold them on hands from the very first moments, play with them, ask our family and friends come visit us when the puppies are a little older. That’s the secret why they are always having a stable, human-contact psyche. And all our clients happy with the babies’ temperament.

ย  ย ย 

Teen puppies are being socialized in the city. We take them to the parks and forest with us.

Also we train our dogs ourselves for the dog shows. We do it at home or going to the special training center.


We have our older dogs live with us.. till their trip to the skies. We believe that the veterans – are the inalienable part of every professional kennel. If there are a good handeled and loved older dogs – that means the owners live in harmony with their conscience and really love what they do.

Appearently you understood already our kennel is our every day life here ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes we really love what we do, so we’re working hard and improving the quality of our dogs and the babies withย  every day work.

We do hope that we helped you to research about us a little more and thanks for reading to the very end.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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