Corgi Puppies

Corgi Puppies

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Corgi puppies, kennel “StormGuard” -Welcome to probably one of the cutiest page of our website! 🙂

We choose carefully a new owners for our puppies to ensure they will have a happy life in a new homes. We always offer our clients a lifetime breeder support 24/7, sharing experience in growing, showing, breeding, health issues, etc. Our clients become our good friends so they share their puppies’ efforts with us; which we will then post on our website if allowed to. The babies go to their new homes but stay in our hearts forever. We do care about ones despite the distance.

All puppies leave our home loved, well grown, healthy, with all necessary papers, health tests, vaccinations and deworming according the working scheme. The ‘quality’ of the puppy can vary – show, breed and pet class. These are the babies with the different ‘purposes’ and family requirements.

Our kennel doors are always open for the ones who’d love to come to meet us and our dogs. We’re always happy when it happens. Our dogs doesn’t allow us to leave them for long time, so you can actually catch us at place 350 days a year. Still, when our clients can’t come due to the distance, we can offer the car or flight shipping. We cooperate with the best and responsible shippers only. We cooperate with those for years, so you have nothing to worry about.


Corgi puppies available!

The babies were born – May 22 2019. 3 boys and 1 girl(n/b).

Dad: Vlaterfolg Diamond Spirit of Grisogono (n/b)
Titles: J.CH/GR.J.CH Ukraine, J.CH/CH/GR.CH Moldova, CH/GR.CH Bulgaria, Central East European Union Winner
vWD NN, DM NN, FGF5 SS, no flully gen carrier.

Mom: Okinawa Princess StormGuard
J.CH Ukraine
vWD NM, DM MM, no flully gen carrier

The boy with tail:
Silky Fur StormGuard

Please feel free to see our previous babies at our Galleries webpage.

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