Dalmatian, litter “P”, 2006

Dalmatian, litter “P”, 2006

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Litter was born: 18 Dec 2006

All babies WBR

Germes Jingo Best Saint Michelle. WBR

Далматин Алика со щенками

Alika s Raduzhnogo Berega, WBR


Pango Stormguard (male), Nikolaev, Ukraine

Pluto Stormguard (male), Odessa, Ukraine

Ponti Stormguard (male, blue eye), Odessa, Ukraine

Plusha Stormguard (female), Odessa, Ukraine


Parissa Stormguard (female), Kherson, Ukraine
Big Perspective 2, Excellent, R.CAC

Pardi Stormguard (female), Chernigov, Ukraine
Big Perspective, Best Puppy, Best Junior

Penelopa Stormguard (female), Kherson reg., Ukraine
Big Perspective, Best Puppy, Best Junior, Excellent, 4хСАС, R.CACIB, Best bitch, CH UA

Pandora Stormguard (female), Odessa, Ukraine

Ponochka Stormguard (female), Dnepr, Ukraine
Excellent, Best Junior, R.CAC

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