Dalmatian, litter “E”, 2016

Dalmatian, litter “E”, 2016

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Litter was born: 07 Sept 2016

Sire: Minion Of Fortune Stormguard
WBL, All teeth, HD AA/ED 00

Dame: Clover Honey Stormguard
WBR, All teeth, HD AA/ED 00

Edelweiss White Stormguard (male), WBL – Ukraine, Zaporizhie

Enjoy Me Stormguard (male), WBL, patch – Turkey

Euro Star Stormguard (male), WBR – USA

Eldorado Gold Stormguard (male), WBR – Hong Kong

Echo Tinkling Stormguard (male), WBR – Turkey

Eagle Song Stormguard (male), WBR – Ukraine, Kharkiv

Exalibur Magic Stormguard (male), WBR – Dubai


Emerald Black Stormguard (female), WBL – Lithuania

Elza Frozen Stormguard (female), WBL – Ukraine, Kharkiv

Elfi Thumbelina Stormguard (female), WBL – USA, New Jersey

Elven Star Stormguard (female), WBR – Canada, Napanee

Eywa Goddess Stormguard (female), WBR – stay in our kennel.

Best Baby, Best Puppy, J.CH.UA, 2xCAC UA, CACIB, BOB. 4 place in Junior Class on EDS 2017.

Ellie Sweetheart Stormguard (female), WBR – Dubai

Everlasting Love Stormguard (female), WBL, ear patch – Ukraine, Kyiv

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