Dalmatian, litter “E”, 2008

Dalmatian, litter “E”, 2008

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Litter was born: 18 Jun 2008

Sire: Dalmino Amuletti Specially For Me
J.CH.Ukraine, CH.Moldova, CH.RU
(Import Estonia)

Dame: Alika s Raduzhnogo Berega

Father and Mother

Eovin Stormguard (female, WBR): kept for the kennel
Excellent, 2ХJ.CAC, 4xCAC, R.CAC, 2xR.CACIB, CH.UA

Elektra Stormguard (female, WBL): Kherson, Ukraine
ЛБ, оц. отлично, J.CAC, 4xСАС, R.CAC

Enigma Stormguard (female, WBL): Kiev, Ukraine

Elfiyskiy Berill Stormguard (male, WBR): Kiev, Ukraine

Enthony Stormguard (male, WBL, patch): Mariupol’, Ukraine

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